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Thread: Varta 15mins charger

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    Default Varta 15mins charger

    hi guys... can i use other brands of rechargeable batts on it?

    if yes, what are the recommended ones? thanks

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    help.... ?????

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    Be careful with lower mAh batteries... they may not be able to withstand the high charge.
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    Hi i have this 15-min varta charger too, is it safe to use it to charge sanyo enelope batteries (2000mAh)?

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    i dun recommnd it man..better to stay by the rules LOLS!!!
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    The answer is here:

    You can charge Varta 15 mins battery with it, and it will charge in 15mins.

    If you charge other battery, it will work, but it will not have the high powered motor sound. It will just charge normally using a small current.

    Hope this helps.

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    i scared to use anything tat fast charge 15 mins.
    I guess will spoil the batteries faster.


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