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Thread: Any more fireworks other than NDP actual day??

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    Default Any more fireworks other than NDP actual day??

    as above?
    any more?

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    Default Re: Any more fireworks other than NDP actual day??

    Originally posted by honghong
    as above?
    any more?
    There are fireworks on major events, the last one being the official opening ceremony of the Esplande.

    The next fireworks event, I can think of is during New Year's Eve during the countdown.

    The next one after that is probably the Chinese New Year celebrations at Marina each year.

    Or you can pop down to China or when ever sale of fireworks is legal and buy some and set them off yourself to take them.

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    Else u might fly over to England during Guy Fawks nite (forgot when is e actual date).
    They celebrate by setting off fire works EVERYWHERE, even in schools and in all the small towns.
    Some fireworks can last continously for over 1/2!
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