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Thread: Pictures appear soft/jagged in blogger?

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    Default Pictures appear soft/jagged in blogger?

    Not sure if its only me but when i use my laptop which runs at 1024x768 to view my blog pictures which were uploaded through flickr. It appears jagged or soft. But when i click the image it becomes clear again. But when i view my blog pictures from my desktop which runs at 1280x1024 it looks fine. Anyone know why is that? Need help cause some of my friends feedback that my blog pictures look horrible at 1024x768 and i verified that it is indeed true after looking at it from my lappie. Anyway to fix this

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    Default Re: Pictures appear soft/jagged in blogger?

    most likely due to the resize algorithm used of the browser, can try to resize ur photo a little smaller so that it fit nicely 100% on the the lower resolution screen.


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