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Thread: is this old news?

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    Default is this old news?

    Amateur photographer Richard Gol from Singapore is having difficulties convincing his 9-year-old daughter that he is not a pervert. When Gol's daughter saw photos of nude women on his computer by chance, she had stern words with him for what she assumed was shameful.

    "I tried my best to explain myself to her, but she is unconvinced. How can I make a girl her age to understand that nude images are not necessarily pornographic?"

    Gol asked, in despair. Plz leave your words if there is any solution.
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    Default Re: is this old news?

    i never heard about it, seems new to me?

    well, its still rather relevant isn't it, the issue?

    on the flip side wad would mum say if she was caught viewing male nudes?
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    Default Re: is this old news?

    If it's a christian family.. quote from the bible? hehh.. the part from Genesis..

    But anyway, maybe just explain that he is a fine art photographer?
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