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Thread: Technical issues with new camera batches

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    Default Technical issues with new camera batches

    Hi all,

    Am keen on taking up photography, but have never bought a dslr before. Have read reviews on the new nikon d90, but am concerned about the build quality, since it is newly launched, and may still have technical issues etc? I heard that the D80 also had problems when it was first launched.

    Is it a good idea to purchase the D90 immediately at its launch, or should i wait for the hardware to stabilise? Is this even a valid concern?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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    For dslr line its usually not a issue when the camera launch to get them if you really want it. Hardware and build for modern day DSLR are really good and even those rated lower for using plastic are as touch as you can handle unless you drop or crush them with something. The only thing you should consider is getting a brand new dslr that is just launch means you are going to pay a premium price for being the first few. It may be better to consider a older model or alternative brand like canon or sony as they do produce fantastic cameras too. Image quality from a 1 generation older camera usually dont differ alot.

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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    hi dun worry too much , if there a technical issues later most properly the firmware update will get ti fix
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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    Thanks guys for your quick replies and good advice.

    I have a soft spot for Nikon, seeing that quite a few pple i know use that brand. If the build quality is not an issue, think i will be getting the D90 then. Too bad that i will have to pay the premium price... But i think u guys will understand... When we feel like buying somthing we really like, playing the waiting game is really tough... Haha

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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    yeah if you really want smth, waiting is usually not quite the option lol.

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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    Hi TS....

    Suggest you don't get the camera when it just launch..... wait a few mth (about 3mths or so...). 2 reasons -

    *You could get user review here in ClubSNAP and other website regarding - Problems users face, Photo Image quality, whats good or not good about the camera... etc. - So you could make a better choice on which model/brand of camera to get.

    *Price of Cameras will normally starts to fall after a few mths. You might not get as many freebies (which are most useless stuff anyway - including those free low speed SDHC/CF cards ).... but you could get more important stuff with the money saved.

    Goodluck on your DSLR buying.....

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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    Once again, thanks for the advice.

    Will consider all that you have said, and also take a look at the camera after its launch. Will decide then. Will let u guys know!

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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    i'll be waiting for the price to drop after 1~1.5 yrs later...some things are worth the wait.
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    Default Re: Technical issues with new camera batches

    There are two main trains of thought:

    1) Get the camera now; don't miss out on the photo opportunities. This is true in the sense that the price may fall later on, but in the time you take to wait for the price to fall, you are missing out chances to shoot.

    2) Wait for the price to fall. It will eventually fall, as with all electronic goods. If you have a camera now, this is probably the easier route to take.


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