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Thread: Window to the world

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    Default Window to the world

    Shot with a E510, kit lens.
    ISO: 1600
    Aperture: f/5.6

    One of the first few shots with the camera, coming from an ordinary point and shoot.

    Wanted to show parts of a familiar environment in a different light, with a different mood.

    Would like critique on:
    1) Composition (I have a feeling it is slightly messy due to the backdrop)
    2) Post processing (are the details of the blacks being masked due to underexposure?)

    Any other general comments are welcomed! Thanks.

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    Default Re: Window to the world

    Nitpicks will be the horizon... buildings looks tilted.

    Ys, BG is a lil messy... you could try more angles and see which would suit better. Having more of the sky would also be an idea. The roof of the opp building may not be a good idea.
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    Default Re: Window to the world

    I guess the photo is a little dull to attract much attention.
    You may want to revert its color back, making use the vibrant colors of the wet clothes.

    Also, you may want to try shooting between the poles which would help lead viewers' eyes to the background.

    Yong Sak.

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    Default Re: Window to the world


    I hope you don't mind me saying, but I don't see how the title fits the image. I'm guessing you shot this from a window and hence your chosen title. But there is nothing in the composition that indicates a window of any sort in the photo at all, literally or figuratively, excluding the ones in the distance that is. So as a viewer, I don't get what you mean by 'window to the world'.

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    Default Re: Window to the world

    A newbie here but it would actually fit your title more of you zoom/take a few steps back and used the window as a frame for your imagine.

    And other than the tilt, it might actually be good if it's in colour compared to B&G.

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    Default Re: Window to the world

    Point taken about the title. It was more of an after-thought for the thread. Simply called it "looking out", but it seemed to be dull. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Window to the world

    Window to the world...?
    How about you try taking from the inside of your window...? and let your window panels as a "frame" for your picture ?

    That's my opinion, what do you think ?

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    Default Re: Window to the world

    too cluttered, too messy. too much happening in the picture spoils the picture.

    and yes, picture does not fit title.


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