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    Anyone using the Nokia E71 or E51?, any negative aspects to these phones? I need a business phone to use, thanks!

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    The E71 is a much much better phone.

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    Belle & sebastian,

    I'm also a newbie and noob when it comes to cells, pda phones etc ... but what I usually do is find reviews that do not seem to be too biased, and more importantly, read user comments.

    It's usually in the reviews where you find how a particular system works, navigates and so on, and it's in the user comments where you find out what are the real life strengths and weaknesses. Just throw out all the extreme comments cos you will find both fanboys as well as emo haters.

    Hope this helps some.

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    The E51 is a phone I have been using since the day it was launched by M1. Damn good phone if you ask me. Just that it gets a lot heated up when you use it for talking.

    The E71 I hear is a really good especially with the QWERTY keyboard.

    read a bit on the reviews and as DM says, throw out the extremes and find out which suits you more
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    okie, just gotten myself the E71, thanks folks! The queue for the Iphone is just ridiculous.

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    reviews for the e71 looks damn good and i love a qwerty keyboard ever since i used the e61! it's so easy to use for emails and sms!! i can even type without looking at it now!

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    yes, i veri lowtech photographer one, carry paper file. I used to own the 1st generation Plam top, to only forget to leave it in the washing machine. From then on, i only used paper. Haha!

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    I am using the Nokia E71 and loving every single bit of it. Though I wish the web browser was something like the iphone, I still think the phone rocks. Solid and doesnt hang.

    I use it to view word doc, PDFs, send invoices on the fly, reply emails, call my wife, check map for direction etc...long battery life is big plus.
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