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Thread: 梁静茹今天情人节签唱会

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    Default 梁静茹今天情人节签唱会

    日期∶ 2008年9月12日
    时间∶ 7 PM
    地点∶ 白沙浮广场 Bugis Junction, Level 1 Bugis Square
    门票∶ 无需门票

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    the venue hard to shoot man. sure packed
    My flickr! Album - Sony a6000 (CZ 24-70) / CZ 85 F1.4

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    Default Re: 梁静茹今天情人节签唱会

    anyone knows her inbound flight timing?

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    Default Re: 梁静茹今天情人节签唱会

    why every thing on friday or saturday want?
    i only got time to take photo shoot on sunday after morning leh.
    like that how i play photography?
    i want to take great photos!!!


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