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Thread: tian ya filter (cokin style) vs Hoya filter

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    Default tian ya filter (cokin style) vs Hoya filter

    I was wondering whether to get the Tian ya filter set rather than individual filter from hoya.

    is there any differences as tian ya is much cheaper and i just need to buy the different sizes adapter ring to be able to use for all my lenses.

    I am sure that some people like the tian ya and some people like those filter from Hoya and B+W.

    Please advise

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    Default Re: tian ya filter (cokin style) vs Hoya filter

    they are interchangeable - i am using the cokin holder with tian ya filters.. vice versa should be no problem.

    you can easily stack different brand filters - i.e. if you want cpl + gnd, you can use hoya cpl, then screw the adaptor ring on top of the cpl to use the gnd. the only time when yoiu cannot do this is when you are using an ultrawide - will get vignetting.

    personally i think for gnd filters (not sure about the rest, also doubtful about whether the use is applicable other than cpl or nd filters) you should go for tian ya rather than cokin.. cokin tends to give a slight warmish cast that c an be a pain to remove. hazmee has done a comparison here before, if i remember correctly , so you can search for threads started by him.


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