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Thread: advice needs for KL trip

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    Default advice needs for KL trip

    halo frens,

    any advice on my upcoming short sight-seeing trip to Malaysia KL.

    recommendation on hotel stays, n place of interest? (hotel near to MRT station)

    good scenery for photo -taking?

    Thanks in advance

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    KLCC, Twin Towers, Batu Caves, Central Market etc. Not much scenery to take. There are plenty of hotels along the monorail route. Eg. Air Asia Hotel.
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    in KL, there are hardly any scenery for landscape shots. but you can do a lot of street shootings.

    hotels... plenty. Federal Hotel should be good. it's located in the heart of KL and surrounded by shops, restaurants, malls, etc. the monorail station is just 10 mins walk away.
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