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Thread: Million Dollar Question.

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    Default Million Dollar Question.

    Let say you have a website accessed by public. And photos of event you cover have picture of certain individual in it are posted in your website. This individual have been captured either in crowd or portrait.

    Then one day that individual discovered the pics on your website and deem them not so complimenting and insist on having them removed.

    So what you guys will usually do? Obliged or stick to our rights to keep them up?

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    Depends on who the person is.

    If it's Lee Kuan Yew, or your family/extended family and they want it removed, I'd definitely do so.

    If it's just a normal friend, I'd think about it.

    If it's a friend's friend's brother's friend, no way.
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    If its part of a crowd most probably not. If its a single person portrait yes. But sometimes just remove, save u loads of trouble.
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