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Thread: Closeup vs Teleconverter lens

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    i own a c2040.

    quite a few questions here.....pls help

    1) is a closeup lens the same as a macros lens?
    2) if i wanna take macros, should i get a teleconvert or a closeup lens?
    3) should i get a closeup filter as well? what brand is good, nikon?
    4) has anyone heard of the brand kenko?

    million thanks..


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    Default Re: Closeup vs Teleconverter lens

    you only have one choice since you're using a digical, you can only use a close up filter, but that only allows you to go in closer, hence sometimes it can be impractical
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    one choice?
    that means i cannot get anything else?

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    Originally posted by nerdie
    one choice?
    that means i cannot get anything else?
    can but you can't use them on your digital camera that's all :P hahaha
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    there are some macro add-on lenses around, but mostly are combined together with a Wide-angle lens... as long as ur camera's lens is threaded... tehn u'll just have to buy some step-up or down rings...

    my conception on close-up filters, is they help the camera to focus closer, true???

    personally i'm looking for a Wide-angle lens, +4 Close-up filter, a more powerful teleconverter....


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