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Thread: Share your experience using iPhone

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    There are the iPhone bashers, there are the iPhone fans, then there are many who are sitting on the fence... letting the others test-drive it first before we make a decision. So, for the sake of those others sitting on the fence still thinking to buy or not to buy, can the iPhone users share their experience using the iPhone?

    Share the pros and cons, what you like and what you hate, what it can do and what it is lacking, bug issues, cool apps, etc etc. I hope that people will share not only what is good but also what is not good. And I hope people will write constructive things, not just say things like "it's the best" or "it sucks" or "great phone"... which really does not say anything.

    Also, please note that this thread is for actual USERS of the iPhone to share their EXPERIENCE, so if you are not a user, please do not come here and bash or praise the iPhone based on what you see on paper or a 5 mins testing with your friends' set. The experience is quite different when you're using something on a longer-term basis. Non-users who are interested to know more can also post questions here. Cheers.
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    what's your purpose of knowing?

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    Some like and some don't. For those still standing on the fence, you can actually go down to the singtel outlets. They got demo sets for customers to try out on the spot.
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