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Thread: Fluke 192 Scopemeter For Sale

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    Default Fluke 192 Scopemeter For Sale

    Sorry guys, I know this item for sale is not related to photographic equip. But the proceeds from which is...
    You see, I am desperate to get some cash in order to get myself a better nikon digicam.

    The scope is still quite new, seldom use. Got it brand new previously for some electronic hobby, which runs out of steam now and wish to convert some of the equip to cash to fuel my new photographic hobby.

    complete with a hard carrying case and software...

    if anyone of you or your friends are interested, pls leave your contact no, price negotiable.

    appreciated yr help and support.

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    Non-photographic items are to be offered for sale in Kopitiam (even though the proceeds will go towards buying new photographic equipment).

    Good luck.


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