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Thread: BEWARE of seller JOSEPH MAK (enjoy reading my "beautiful" encounter)

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    Default Re: BEWARE of seller JOSEPH MAK (enjoy reading my "beautiful" encounter)

    Quote Originally Posted by zebrakit View Post
    Clubsnap profile:
    Real Name: Joseph Mak
    Contact Number: 83577101 / 91018626

    A few weeks' ago, I confirmed a deal with this seller Joseph Mak for a Canon 30D. He agreed to selling his package which included grip that my friend wanted. I then informed him that I could only deal in the following week because of my exams. Tomorrow , we were supposed to meet to deal. Just a while ago, Joseph Mak decided to back out claiming that there were problems regarding to the camera ( he told me it had to be shipped from France , which was awesomely weird huh ). I tried to ask what was wrong with the camera, or if something had happened during shipment. Then he said " I can't sell my 30D because my wife did not agree to it" How freaking incredible isn't it. Being a man who is married and earns a decent job in the IT industry, he should be old enough (at least older than me) to know that it is unfair for me. First off, I'm very pissed because if he at least informed me last week, I guess I could have considered other offers from other sellers. And the thing is that, shouldn't he be actually discussing this issue with his wife before posting a selling post here: This is a so definite no-no and my jaws are still hung loosely down in utter shock. Such an immature sellers these days. After I called him to ask again about why he couldn't sell it he just said " I REALLY CAN'T SELL IT I REALLY CAN'T THANK YOU" and so he then hung up on me.

    Now I must say
    Good luck in selling your 30D and your other stuffs or oh no, I think your wife would probably say no again. Oh well, then I'm pretty sure I warned everyone against this very very very very very very childish seller whom he had no idea that he's actually dealing with a teenager who had not even reach the age of 17. And now I shall end this frustrating speech by saying

    Joseph Mak, you are a loser.

    I can't believe I'm resorting to such immature way of handling this issue. I probably learnt it from Joseph Mak.

    To zebrakit,

    While it is frustrating to have a seller back out of a deal at the last minute, it is way overboard for you to vent your anger in such a manner.

    Making personal attacks and name calling are a violation of CS guidelines, so take this post as a warning from the mods and admins.

    How do you think a post like this would help you in your next purchase? Calling the seller immature and childish does not really portrait yourself as a mature grown-up. Have you considered what message you are sending to other sellers about yourself?

    Joseph's 30D is not the last one on earth. Hope you get a better experience on your next purchase.

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