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Thread: Good place to shoots insects ?

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    Default Good place to shoots insects ?

    Where are the good places to shoot insects ? Butterflies, moths, etc. I have been to the botanical gardens (but only the middle area from symphony lake to orchid garden) and bukit timah nature reserve, but in both places I could only find a few insects, and those are also somewhat bland and colourless.

    Also, what is the best time to go there ? I usually go around late morning (10am) or so. Is this too late to catch the insects ?

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    Botanical Gardens and Alexandra Hospital's Butterfly Trail are the two most common places to find insects.

    The best time to go is early morning. Between 730-930, when the warm morning sun is still available.
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    Thanks, I didnt even know that Alexandra Hospital had a butterfly trail

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    Sungei Buloh?

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    BG is very big. Any specific place where can catch those damselfly and bees?


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