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    Given that for both setups, same camera and aperture values are used. Same magnification (1:1) is achieved. Will the DOF be the same?

    Setup 1:
    Lens: 180mm macro lens
    Working distance: 25cm
    Magnification: 1:1

    Setup 2:
    Lens: 90mm macro lens
    Working distance: 9cm
    Magnification: 1:1

    Understand that perspective (angle of view) wise there is a difference, due to the different focal length of each lens. But does it affect the DOF?

    Anyone can give an answer to the above question?
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    no the DOF will not be the same cos one of the factor for DOF is the focus length..... So if I'm not wrong, your 180mm will give you a shallower DOF at the same f stop and focus distance. In addition, your subject to background distance will also determind your DOF.....

    Do a search on DOF on any search engine and you might be able to find out more....

    Hope this helps.....


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