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    Was walking around Chinatown to do some streetshot. as usual the chess playing shed with all the ah pek is my fav playground.Got a shot of this uncle concentrating on a chess game . Love the mood and the way he is concentrating on the game so i took a shot . Have included the opponent in the frame that in infront of the uncle .Have PP this pic to B/W so that colour do not distract the mood here ...Hope to hear comment on all area ...composition , exposure , PP, Etc

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    Thanks for including that short writeup. Otherwise we would not had known the man wearing the glasses is comtemplating his next move in a game of chess.
    I like how you had captured the moment perfectly. The concentration etched out on the man's face makes the shot. I also like how you had make the scene stronger by including his opponent reflecting on the next move the man in glasses is making. And you were right in turning this into a monochromatic shot. In removing the colors, there were no distracting color elements to detract what you want the viewers to see. Kudo on that. I also like the contrast in tone you had done in pp without burning the whites.
    However, compositionally, the scene would had been better if you had included a bit of the chess game.

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    bcool ..thanks for the critique...ya i agree on the scene would had been better if I had included a bit of the chess game.

    Will try harder next time ..


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