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    Just wanna share a Youth Photography Competition with aspiring youths photographers!

    Hello Everyone! The Ramadhan: Through Your Eyes Organising Committee would like to invite YOU to join in on our upcoming event: Ramadhan: Through Your Eyes! With technology of digital cameras and hand phones where photographs can be easily taken, has allowed the rise of a leisure class in photography. It was observed that there has been a growing interest amongst youths in photography. Pictures are taken and placed in their personal blogs, facebook etc where it can be viewed by family and friends all over. With this project, Ramadhan : Through Your Eyes, we hope to be able to capture the youths out there to take part in this thematic competition which evolves around the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a special and blessed month for all Muslims. It's where the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical virtues of fellow Muslims are tested. As such we would want to find out how the youth view through their eyes and their understanding of the month of Ramadan.

    Do have a read at the short description below. Thus, we hope that you can print out the attached poster and post it in your school! Feel free to contact us or visit our blog at:

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    intersting!!! be joining.... thank u for e info... [=)]

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    Yup yup!
    Join! Spread the word around kay!

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    hmm, if the subject's face is not recognizable do we still need the model release form?
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    That is subjective bro. do email the organisers at for more info! =)

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    I can't enter


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