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  • Human Resource

    11 24.44%
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)/IT

    5 11.11%
  • Marketing

    1 2.22%
  • Sales

    9 20.00%
  • Finance

    6 13.33%
  • Legal

    3 6.67%
  • Corporate

    4 8.89%
  • Other (please specify)

    6 13.33%
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Thread: Which dept in your company do you dislike most?

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    Originally posted by RuthBaby
    sales! they eat snake like no one business...
    Can't agree more. When cannot meet sales (anyway, I am wondering if they have sales target), they blamed all except themselves. Blame QC for poor quality control, hence making clients angry, blame logistics for late delivery, hence making clients angry ... blah blah

    But you never hear, blames sales b'cos they promised clients some unrealistic deadlines, blame sales b'cos they got no guts to tell the clients that they were unable to cater to the unrealistic dealine, blame sales b'cos they were the ones who were unable to make the clients siong.

    And when they are caught eating snake, they also blame all except themselves, blame others for not able to meet deadline, hence dare not stay in office to answer calls, dare not on handphone to answer calls, blame clients b'cos clients too pushy and that all cannot meet deadline, hence dare not stay in office for fear of clients coming to see them...

    Excuses, excuses and excuses. Of course, there are some exceptional ones, rare thro'

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    Originally posted by jeff chen
    None, thank God the pple in my organisation are all pretty pleasant. Phew!
    Heehee, you're lucky to have such good pple in your organisation. Must be your blessings!

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    Originally posted by Shadus
    Top 3 person you should always go lim kopi with, in order of importance

    1. CFO
    hey, when u need budget for whtever rot reasons, who hv to agree with u?

    2. HR
    oh, remember who hv the final say on pay increment? recruitment etc? and of coz in most company, this person is the 1st to come in and last to go.

    3. CIO
    ??? I wonder why
    CFO, or FC or FM, whichever term your company used, must maintain a good relationship. As Shadus said, CFO/FC/FM has to agree to your budget ... heehee ... specially when they are not forecasted. Heehee ...

    As for HR, I have my reservations.

    CIO? Chief Information Officer? Why him ? COO better right ?

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    Originally posted by lavenderlilz
    what is PHB?
    Allow me to quote how describes "The Boss" character:

    The Boss

    He's every employee's worst nightmare. He wasn't born mean and unscrupulous, he worked hard at it. And succeeded. As for stupidity, well, some things are inborn.

    His top priorities are the bottom line and looking good in front of his subordinates and superiors (not necessarily in that order). Of absolutely no concern to him is the professional or personal well-being of his employees. The Boss is technologically challenged but he stays current on all the latest business trends, even though he rarely understands them.
    To sum it up: PHB = Boss or Bosses who just don't have a clue / or just dont "get it" <g>


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    why no Dealing department?

    i ever had an incident , this guy said :

    " I am the reason why you are here". "I make money for the bank". " Now, fix my PC."

    me : ".................."

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