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Thread: DCResource - sample pics low quality?

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    Default DCResource - sample pics low quality?

    Does anyone else find the sample pictures in DCResource quite lacking in quality? I mean this guy Jeff Keller is not a photographer by trade, but since he has played with so many digital cameras, and that his website runs on the basis of photography, I would expect better pictures from him. At least make them aesthetically-appealing, doesn't have to be top-notch. Things like horizon he doesn't even get them straight sometimes!

    Sample pictures from Steven and Phil Askey are so so much better. OK lar this is not intended to bomb the poor guy, just wondering how many of us feel the same way, that at least when you are running a digicam review site your sample pics should be of a certain standard.

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    actually I find the articles to be not as good or informative as steves' digicams, dpreview and imaging resource too. Only went there as a "last resort"
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