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Thread: Stiching, help needed

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    Default Stiching, help needed

    I wonder could anyone advise how one could go about stiching images using PS? Where could I obtain such instructions on PS? I tried to look into PS books but nowhere to be found.


    Steven Tor

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    Thank you for your web link. The process is rather tedious. I have briefly seen stitching done on PS and it looks very simple. However, no opportunity to copy down the steps taken. The results of the stitch looks good. Wonder if there is anyone who had this solution?


    Steven Tor

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    use photoshop elements 2...

    so far i find this is the best compared to oly camedia master 2 or version 4.

    quite easy to use too.... more difficult is the actually photo taking....

    lock your exposure and set your white balance ( to non-auto )... sometimes pano function don't even do these.....


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