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    Default Sporting Fun @ Stadium Waterfront

    Date : 26 July 2003, Saturday
    Venue : Stadium Waterfront

    Learn how to play and have fun the healthy way at Sporting Fun @ Stadium Waterfront. Conceptualised specially for Stadium Waterfront, a host of activities including sports and water sports will be organised to engage the public at various parts of Stadium Waterfront. There will be a family telethon comprising an obstacles course whereby families stand to win attractive prizes. While having fun, the public can do their bit for charity by participating in a fund-raising event. Proceeds will be donated to Community Chest.

    During the event, Singapore Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation will showcase experts pitting their skills in the respective competitions at the Waterfront. For those who are not familiar with how Floor Ball is played, the Singapore Floor Ball Association will be on site to conduct some clinic sessions and demonstrations of the game. Wushu experts from the Singapore Wushu Federation will be present to demonstrate various stunts.

    Besides sports and fun, the public will be given tips on personal hygiene, healthy eating and healthy living at an exhibition organised by Health Promotion Board.

    Participating restaurants at Stadium Waterfront will whip up special healthy dishes at a special rate in celebration of this event.

    Last but not least, the public will have the opportunity to browse through stalls of sports accessories, a range of sports attire and sports memorabilia at Stadium Cove, Singapore's lifestyle weekend market and catch the fireworks from the National Day Parade Preview. Thereafter all present will be able to dance the night away as we celebrate another day of living in good health at GREAT DANCE PARTY @ Stadium Waterfront.

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    Wow! This is a lot of fun! thanks for sharing the time table Blizzy!

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    no prob. Enjoy the shoot.


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