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Thread: Fuel Consumption???

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    Originally posted by izux
    The Impreza TS has very poor fuel consumption being an AWD. It also has a rather slow pickup. IMO, if you were to get a Subaru, might as well get their WRX or even STI.(rather OT here)
    correction...the subaru impreza TS is 4WD instead of AWD....well...pickup is slow...this is because 4WD loses abt 20-25% power at the take note that figures given by manufacturers are engine output and not the acutual figures at the wheels..

    well..the honda vtec is no longer as wild as it was before ( refering to the currect ES series of civics and not the eg or ek series) besides, the new honda civics are all SOHC as compared to the older DOHC ones...(not refering to the type Rs) wat i said..the new honda jazz has a new design which uses 2 spark plugs per cyclinder as compared to 1 per cyclinder....therefore fuel consuption is good...also, max torque kicks in at ard 2000++ rpm, meaning car has good pickup and feels responsive..this in turn saves petrol as u dun have to rev the engine for fast pickup or when u need the extra speed to note that the new honda jazz 1.5vtec has a revolutionary 7 speed CVT automatic gearbox...super for cruising

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    Originally posted by izux
    IMO, if you were to get a Subaru, might as well get their WRX or even STI.(rather OT here) need for the scooby here... subaru does have the legacy...nope, not the normal legacy but the B4 RSK, or the subaru legacy B4 RSK(ralli sport kompressor).... the B4 uses a 2L twin turbo engine..not as fast as the wrx, but definately fast enough

    anyway...if have have the dough...i would still get the wrx...the $20+k difference between the wrx and the wrx sti is enough for me to install a bigger turbo, bigger intercooler, forge pistons, extractors, exhaust system, turbo timer, boost controller and gauges, blah blah and i might still have enough for fuel...this will definately be faster then a stock sti

    opps, a little OT here...sorrie

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    Actually, I feel fuel consumption depends very much on your driving habits.
    Meaning if u like to floor the accelerator or drag the gear.
    So it really varies with the individual's driving style.

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