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Thread: really good compact camera

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    i suggest you read reviews and decide for yourself, then try it out and see if the camera is what you think it is

    if you haven't already found out, 8 people here will recommend 8 different cameras, in the end you will still stick to your decision and well.. the only positive purpose served is that people up their post count hee hee.

    frankly speaking, these days, stick to the more popular compact brands like canon/nikon/panasonic/fujifilm and you probably won't go wrong, the only difference is the specs - which you can easily find out for yourself and the focal length range. that's about it.

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    Panny LX3 LX3 LX3. WHY?

    Leica lens
    Manual control
    Image stabiliser

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    Use handphone camera can. Best solution i can give

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagom View Post
    Thank you, Anson. So I can zoom with the extra zoom directly while taking the picture?
    On a TZ15 there is a small button next to the Shutter (& zoom button) for you to press for "Extra Zoom". For TZ15, first press would bring your zoom from x1 to x10, second press x16.9, third press x1. Hence this make it a perfect Traveling Camera, based on its "compact" size & function.

    For some Panasonic model, you would need to reduce your resolution to get "Extra Zoom".

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