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    Just a question,

    Currently I have the kingston 4GB SDHC card which came with my D60 package when I got it. Not that there is anything faulty with it but am looking to get add another SDHC card to my collection as I have moved to shooting in raw format.

    I am looking at getting another 4GB SDHC and saw that Lexar has a 4GB Professional 133X SDHC card and was wonderng if its worth it to get that instead since it also comes with some software which might come in handy and a card reader since the D60 doesnt have that function to act like a external storage. Or should I just get another class 6 kingston SDHC 4GB?


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    it depends on you.

    frankly speaking, i doubt the d60 is going to benefit from faster write speed. the benefit comes when you are transferring files FROM your sdhc card into the computer.. the speed faster, will cut down transfer time a lot. sandisk extreme is marginally faster than lexar, if i'm not wrong.

    if you have the leisure to wait, and don't shoot that often.. then i won't bother.. just get a normal one. if you shoot a lot, and transferring stacks up pretty fast.. then maybe a faster card will benefit you to warrant the price difference - which is significant.

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    thanks for the reply, think I will just get the normal one.


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