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    A bigger version can be found here

    Hi guys, its been awhile since i posted my first pic,

    Saw this little dog waiting outside while i was walking along Bayside (i think ^^) in Melbourne. Took me awhile to adjust and wait for it to look at me to get this shot.

    I'm wondering if i could get a better colour quality out of it. I've upped the contrast as well as the blues to get a more vibrant sky. However anything else would get a yellowish cast on it.

    Any advice and critique about this picture is gladly appreciated!


    Camera: Sony a100
    Exposure: 1/500 at f11
    Focal Length: 80 mm
    ISO: 200
    Flicker page:

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    u placed the dog in the right of the frame, so it looks into the frame.

    classic composition, nothin wrong.

    but there is strong side light, so, it may be more interesting if u can place the dog more towards the left to include more of its shadow.

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    With the street junction and street signs around, it looked more confused and lost, than waiting for someone...
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheguthamrin View Post
    With the street junction and street signs around, it looked more confused and lost, than waiting for someone...
    I concur.

    There are also a lot of distracting elements, way too many of them - the road sign on the far left, the two metal rods sticking out of the ground, and all the lamp posts. They are all in focus, and serve to clutter and distract the viewer.

    Right now, your image is telling a different story from your title. I think colour quality is the least of your concerns now - you should learn to tell a coherent story: title, story and image all work together.

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    Haha! Yes! It was a struggle as to what to put as the title. It makes alot of sense now!

    Moreover i believe i was blinded by the fact tat the dog was really waiting for its owner rather than what has been shot.

    I did consider using the word confuse but even though the area might protray it slightly. The dog definitely does not feel so though.

    Thx dudes!

    *much to learn, much to learn*

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    too distracting background unfortunately...
    why don you try blurring the background?

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    you might want to close up on the dog a little. get down to the dog's perspective for a better feel and if possible include some people walkin on the other side. In my opinion it feels more of waiting if there is passer-by while the dog just looks on.


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