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Thread: CMYK values for Chinese skin

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    Default CMYK values for Chinese skin

    Hi Gurus,

    Using Canon + Lightroom, my subject always seems to be on the yellowish side. Any tips on checking the skin tone so that I know it's correct? Any good ways to edit the skin to look more pleasing? Do I change mode to CMYK, eyedrop the forehead and check the values? How should I adjust the values? What's the average values for chinese?


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    Default Re: CMYK values for Chinese skin

    are you printing it in CMYK?

    once convert to CMYK, you will lose info to convert it back to RGB.
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    Default Re: CMYK values for Chinese skin

    Normally, i observe the CYMK values but adjust the RGB (on curve). For chinese skin tone, set blue and green so that Y and M is equal or M is slightly lower than Y. C to be between 1/3 to 1/4 of M. Remember, u must observe CYMK but u adjust RGB.

    Note in mind:
    C is opposite of R (increase R will reduce and vice versa)
    M is opposite of G (increase M will reduce G and vice versa)
    Y is opposite of B (increase B will reduce Y and vice versa)

    PM me if u still in doubt

    hope u understand.


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