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Thread: any waterproof casing for 10d

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    Default any waterproof casing for 10d

    Hi pple,

    was wondering if there are any water proof casing for the canon 10d in the market. By water proof casing i dont mean those underwater casing. What i meant was soemthing like a piece of transparent plastic that is just placed over the dslr. It should be light so as not to add to the heavy weight of the cam. I think this is useful such that when rain comes along suddenly, it gives me ample time to keep the cam. It could also allow me to take the cam out in the rain without getting the internal of the cam wet.

    If there is such a casing, where will i be able to get it and how much is it approximately.



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    check out ikelite?

    average price is about 600+ USD.

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    Originally posted by chaotic
    check out ikelite?

    average price is about 600+ USD.
    the price is a bit too steep. but actually, i was looking for more like a weather proof kinda casing, not those hard casing. sort of like those transparent mobile phone casing.

    The cam will look kinda wierd after putting on the casing, assuming there really is such an item. but it does give a good protection to the cam from scratches and most importantly water and sweat
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