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Thread: Problem with USB 2 PCI Card

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    Default Problem with USB 2 PCI Card

    I seem to have some problem with my USB 2 PCI card. I am unable to run certain devices with it. eg. my USB 2.0 anypak portable hdd. however, when i connect the same hdd to my computers motherboard's usb1 port, it works fine. the agent told me it is because of inadequate power. if that is so, how do i power up my pci card. i already go a damn powerful power source for my comp.

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    Hi ,

    If i'm not wrong , the portable hdd requires an external power supply

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    Thanks. But Anypak draws power from the USB port. It does not have a power inlet itself. As I said, it only works with the motherboard USB port. But does not work with the PCI card USB ports.

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    Firstly, this topic beloings to Kopitiam as it is not directly related to photography. So I will be moving it over soon.

    I am supprised that the USB 2.0 PCI card does not have adequate output power to drive high power devices.

    Did you check the specs to find out the output power the card can support for each port? If it is a 4 port card, it is possible that some of the ports are high power and some are not. Also, does the Anypak specification indicate its power consumption?

    If all the ports ont he card cannot support the device, then you can consider getting a self powered USB 2.0 HUB and connect your device through the hub. Self powered hubs should have high power ports.

    There are also potential compatibility issues with this setup. I have a USB2.0 PCI card as well as a USB 2.0 hub. When I connect a USB 1.1 video capture device (Dazzle 80) through the hub, the captured video is choppy as if it is missing alternate frames. When I connect the device to the USB2.0 card directly, the problem goes away.
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    I have a USB 2.0 PCI card and a USB 2.0 portable hard disk, running a rather old 5400 rpm 40G notebook HD. No problems.

    1. Make sure the PCI card is using a reliable chipset, like the NEC one.

    2. Use an older slower hard disk, as the power requirement may not be so great.

    3. Most USB 2.0 portable HD casings come with alternative power supplies in case the USB port cannot provide enough power, either as a transformer with a DC in port, or (in my case) a parallel "through" connection to the keyboard PS/2 port, which I have not needed to use so far.

    4. I have my misgivings about a USB 2.0 hub. May not be up to spec.

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    Dear Moderators,

    Thank you for the input and the info. I will go back and check on the specs of my PCI card and my hub. I think it could be because my 4 port USB card may have some low power and some hi power ports. I will try switching them around to see if it still works. However, the USB hub is connected to the internal port which is like a 4+1 config. Since it does not work well with the internal port, it means that I may have to route the hub thru one of the other ports and see if it works now.

    Thanks again.

    Worse come to worse, I will have to either buy another USB 2 PIC card with NEC chip OR increase the power output of my source. And lastly, buy a good internal USB 2 hub...which I still cannot find.


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