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Thread: Split from ahquan's APAD thread - copyright dispute

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    Default Re: Split from ahquan's APAD thread - copyright dispute

    Those who are in the wrong usually want people to "move on".

    Quote Originally Posted by ahquan View Post
    its just a matter on who being an hypocrite and those who learn and move on. Yes i didnt read the guideline properly for APAD but everyone makes mistakes and so happen this was something alittle blown out of size. Like the mod said, its for the TS to reply so i didnt see how your comments helped in any way.
    And if you listen to the mod so much, perhaps you should consider their recommendation of an apology.

    The reason why people are hunting you down is because you defended your initial stand with stupid reasons, without even a trace of remorse.

    If initially you had just said "oops, I was wrong", I believe this thread will not continue the way it did. Since you gave stupid reasons, you should be prepared for an onslaught of responses.

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    Default Re: Split from ahquan's APAD thread - copyright dispute

    Quote Originally Posted by ahquan View Post
    Please do no jump into conclusions. I feel your comments were uncalled for. "Canonised" you didn have to read it if it's wasting your time because it wasn't meant for you.

    anyway i have apologised to waiaung . i said "my apology in one of the replies already" Maybe again if it wasn't clear. My apology to waiaung for not crediting your work when used and nt seel pior permission as for the community i am not apologising. Hope it settle this matter once and for all because its the thread for waiaung and me to settle not a free for all thread.

    btw the TS is NOT me it's waiaung!!
    So you think your so-called-previously-which-you-think-it-wasn't-clear-apology was good enough (for you)? esp with your kind of attitude earlier? And seriously this post doesn't even look a single % like an apology to TS.

    I would suggest creating a NEW thread with your TRULY sincere apology to TS instead of this kind of miserable reply to at least 3 people.

    But lately with these similar incidents happening lately, I would not waste time ASKING for apologises and go straight to case. Some people just won't learn esp in the cyber space.

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    Default Re: Split from ahquan's APAD thread - copyright dispute

    hello CSers,

    the Admins and moderators have given ample opportunities to ahquan, to express his sincere apology to waiaung and also to the community for his act of plagiarism.

    however, he has only shown a half-hearted desire to redeem himself.

    in ClubSnap, our(Admins and moderators) stand is very clear on the topic of plagiarism and we treat it seriously. once the olive branch has been rejected, we will not hesitate to take the next course of action, be it legal or otherwise, should the need arises.

    as of now, ahquan's account will be de-registered.
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    Default Re: Split from ahquan's APAD thread - copyright dispute

    By the way, how's Coward Joe's case coming along?
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