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    Hi To All Snapper

    Hi i am henry am new to this forum.
    so really looking forward to learn more stuff from all u guys out there.
    would not say that i am new to photography and also would not say that am a old bird.
    but watever the case is that i have develop a liking in shooting since young.
    Current my shooting equipment is a Nikon D80 WIth a SB800 only.
    so loking forward to join all u guys out there shootin one days cheerz.

    Yeah btw as attach below is some pics that i have posted on take a look at them and feel free to give any kind of feedback and comment.
    Cause it is thr feedback and comment that one improve.cheerz

    oh yeah btw am thinking of getting one more len
    currently am using the 18-135 mm that come with my d80.
    wat kind of lens would u guys recommend.
    well i do lots of portrait shoot and i love shoot landscape.
    so do give me so recomendation as i really do not know where to start from with regards to lens.
    thank lots in advance.
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