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    Hello everyone. Kinda new here.

    Hope to get some comments from u guys here.

    While waiting for my friend, i saw this cute little girl walking in the water, or pool u may call it. well its a hot day so her feet should be quite happy.

    Feel free to comment about anything.

    Picture taken with a Canon Powershot A720IS

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    Try a lower angle. Always move around and avoid shooting from your height unless it is the obvious best!
    Dun blame the camera...blame the one behind the viewfinder :bsmilie:
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    if you have captured her expression, it will show tell a whole new story.

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    Your photo has too much distraction on your "happy feet" as a main subject.... I agree on capturing her happy expression to complement with her happy feet...
    nice try though...

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    Take aways from this picture -
    1- get lower to get a zoomed shot of the feet, w/o the distractions
    2- getting her facial expressions to show happiness would enhance the title
    3- crop if necessary
    4- commen constructively, to provide learning benefits for all
    5- filter / ignore non-constructive comments
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    A little too far I feel

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    Thank you guys for all the comments.. point noted..

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    yes, either zoom in on her lower body or something lower than that of a bird's eye view from behind her (capturing the girl herself and the murky water . but the latter would prove to be a real challenge though. ha! oh and BG's way too distracting.


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