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Thread: OT: Sony NR70J for only $125!

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    Default OT: Sony NR70J for only $125!

    Hi there!
    I'm selling off my NR70 standard package Japanese set @ only $125!

    Accessories/Complete Package/Warranty:
    Comes with everything that is in the set itself (but no box):
    1 X base stand with desktop charger
    Remote Control
    Japanese manuals

    As I type this, I am still fuming mad.

    My actual unit is still working, but only with slight streaks in the left hand corner of the unit:

    so I tried to dismantle the unit (down to seperating the digitizer and the LCD), and I realised that there were some loose contacts. Hence I placed a piece of paper, and volia, it works!

    But there was still one slight line there, hence I added another piece of paper. But alas, when I was about to close the set back, there was a "crack" sound, and alas, my LCD screen broke due to the intense pressure. My heart still bleeds as I type this.

    If you want to see how bad is the screen (sigh), I'll try to get a picture of this as well.

    Hence I'm selling this off.

    If I'm not wrong, the keyboard's isn't really working as well.

    This is perfect for those people who have ROM-dead systems, and need a fix. Unit is flashed to English OS already.

    Try to email me @ instead of PM-ing me.
    Thanks a lot!

    Damn sad man.
    Oh well, I'll go pamper myself and get a 2210!!

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    strange... Can't edit my thread.
    Anyway, mods, if you deem the item to be 'non-photographic', do delete the thread. No hard feelings.


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