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Thread: Need Recommendation Regarding Gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ReignOfComputer- View Post
    Just for you to note:
    Doing such tests requires a 100% crop to see the diff.
    Ahh noted. Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Clockunder View Post
    Other than lens image quality, the other cause of "softness" is Depth of Field which obviously would be a factor since you're shooting quite near distance with a large aperture.

    Anyway, a flash is not a substitute for a better lens and vice versa because the imaging effects between flashing and using a faster and better lens are very different. ............such as light direction, casting of shadows and the relative brightness and colors of things.

    So which equipment to get depends on what you want in the image and the light condition.
    Thanks for insight. I definitely need to work on my lighting skills and will read more about that.

    Its kinda confusing now, cause most of the time I shoot in low light, indoor and stuff. Perhaps a external flash will help out. A faster lens will help too. Argh, time to head back to the books!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokka View Post
    Just keep shooting!

    You will improve!

    Thanks Pokka!

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    Default Re: Need Recommendation Regarding Gear

    IQ is really a big topic, not only restricted to sharpness.

    sharpness is not everything, but it seems to be the most popular source of worry for photographers.

    me too. i used to tink, of all things, my tokina 12-24 is not as sharp as my kit lens. after using it more often on a tripod, it seems to ve gotten sharper by the day!

    there are terms like chromatic aberration (which can be sub-divided into lateral, axial/ longitudinal, pri, sec etc), distortion, coating, contrast, light falloff, color retention... ...enough to write a few phD thesis. but, all these things that are better left to scientists and lens designers.

    some of these values can be scientifically mearsured. others cant.

    they can only be "felt", but only if u are sincere enough.

    some lens, the elements contains some secret ingredients, that other manufacturers ve yet to (and possibly will never ever) figure out. as such, they can be pin sharp, yet not hard 柔, with just the rite amount of contrast to make image shot even in flat lighting POP out. in short, jus magical and a joy to use.

    oops, better stop my nonsense. later kanna crucified.

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