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    Took this shot during my recent Tioman Trip..
    To me, the pics shows the end of the day with the fishing boat anchored after its fishing trip and its time to seat back and relax.
    Im new and wonder if I could have done better in terms of pic quality.. C&C Pls.

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    Firstly i think there lacks a difference in colour. The whole picture kinda have the same tone and colour to it, maybe can adjust curves. Very slight tilt to horizon too. After reading your explanation i kinda got the meaning.

    Personally i think the subjects, boat and sun abit too small. maybe can try crop or if possible, zoom , so that the boat occupies a larger area of the picture, hence strenghtening the meaning of this picture.


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    i jus shoot.

    know nothin about PP.

    i must say its a pretty impressive shot.

    the sun is well defined. there is still details in the boat.

    composition wise, nothin much to fault. i'd maybe crop away more of the water.

    just follow the others advise and PP a bit.

    keep shooting!!!

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    TS,,. I hope by showing this would be of some help.
    Perhas I know what you're trying to achieve; something like this? You got the boat as the other subject besides he sun, while I got the silhouette as the background. The idea is there, just that perhaps you might have used a different setting to get it similar to mine, or at least to highlight the horizon. I hope this is not the ONLY ONE shot at the sunset...? Cos you can and should be snapping away as much as possible with different setting to see the difference yourself.

    Thats how I learnt, at least, And I'm sharing too.
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    Thnks for sharing guys.... It is a great helpwith all the inputs and eg given...
    Thanks again.. cheers


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