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    hey guys, need a little advise from those familiar with web building (not spider webs) and all that... trying to do up a site just for experience but i'm having a little problem with the formating

    i've placed two columns of text into tables...the problem i'm facing is this. if one column, in this case the right, has more content than the left, it pushes the other column down as well.

    i want to be able to get rid of that empty space so that both columns will start off at the same area, even if one is longer than the other.

    now my problem is that i have no idea how to do it! don't even know where to look for help in friend mentioned using CSS, but not sure what sort. would appreciate some direction ! thank you

    btw, i'm using dreamweaver cs3

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    where your site? need to see what u write in your script.
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    i'm doing it offline at the moment, don't have domain... more like a practice kind of thing

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    hmm..would it help if i said i'm a pretty but hapless XMM?

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    nvm, this hairy XMM has solved the problem after further tinkering around


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