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Thread: Interesting ERP IU Charges

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    Default Interesting ERP IU Charges

    Had the opportunity to go down for an IU checkup on Saturday... I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that the IU bracket for motorcycles cost $13x.xx

    It's almost as expensive as the IU itself.

    Is the price justified? No wonder so many foreign bikers complain like hell about how expensive it is for them to have an IU fitted.

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    If i'm not wrong, the IU for a bike is much better built than those for cars - weather-sealed, at the very least, and have to work through sun and rain and more wear n tear bcoz the cashcard goes in and out more frequently. The wiring is also more exposed, along with a bike battery that is typically less lasting n reliable than a car's.

    Maybe raising the bracket price is an indirect method of raising the IU price, and also a subtle method of price-differentiation btw locals and foreigners. If i'm not mistaken, only imported foreign bikes will feel the pinch, right? All new n second hand local bikes come equipped with the IU/bracket.

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    IU prices for both bikes and cars are the same, as is the 5-year warranty.

    most local bikes come with a bracket, yes. those that feel the pinch most would be those from across the causeway. having to pay $300++ (or close to it) just to be able to pass thru ERP gantries is no small sum.


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