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    greetings to one and all. i would like to ask whether is it possible to use the Raynox Dcr-250 on D80? any store selling and how much will one cost? or is it better to purchase the macro reverse ring as i got a 50mm f/1.8? thanks all.

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    Where to buy:

    Whether the Raynox Dcr-250 can be used (or not) depends on the lens and its diameter I think, not on the camera body.

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    Hi Jaimesonn, here is a quick read macro faq by megaweb.

    With close up filter the camera-lens setup will retain all its functionalities - autofocusing, metering, aperture control, TTL flash.

    With a reverse ring, the functionalities are lost. While AF is usually not a big deal in macro shooting, the rest will be wholly a manual affair. If you are shooting static items it might not be too bad.

    Reverse ring gives good quality. A good quality dual element dioptre ( or even higher ) can reproduce good IQ as well.



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