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Thread: camera shake.. anyway to edit it out ?

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    Default camera shake/out of focus.. anyway to edit it out ?

    okay camera shake, meaning really camera shake or camera still but object moving.. or else out of focus.. ?

    anyway to use PS to sorta sharpen the subject so that they sorta appear sharp ? as in although will see blur lines but at least their faces are sharp

    coz i took a few street shots/performance shots..
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    Not that i know of, but just an idea:

    If the pic is worth it, can try those "special effects" things in PS like canvas or chalk... sometimes can salvage pretty well. Portraiture sometimes a bit soft quite acceptable. Of course, if it's really badly shaken, then bo-bian.

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    it's like concert photography lah.. then the people move too fast or i jialat tio a little bit of camera shake..

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    Blurring due to focusing error or camera shake is like mixing different colour paints. It is easy to mix but impossibly to separate.

    Unsharp mask can salvage a little but will create other artifacts if overdone.
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