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    Understand SIS is very strict on photo shooting of POP concert. Wondering any bro have experience in other country asian POP concert? There will one Sammu Cheng concert in Genting next month and planning to get a 70-200 f2.8. If cannot then I will forget about getting this lens for the moment..

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    Check terms and conditions found on the ticket. Some concert tickets will clearly state no photography is allowed, while others won't.

    Just for the record, I've been to the Mayday concert recently, and no photography was allowed - it was clearly stated on the ticket.

    However, even earlier this year, I was at the Switchfoot concert and the ticket did not state that photography was not allowed. I was allowed to bring my camera in (bag check, but no objections or having to surrender the camera/lenses), but did not shoot as I did not have a long lens.

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    The ticket did not show any thing on NO photograph but it just breifing mention subject o TnC on tickets and outside the concert hall


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