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Thread: headach on choosing lens~

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebk View Post
    Normally, when shooting people, even if VR does clean up camera-shake, people also do move, hence it is not really feasible to get a slow VR lens for such usage, unless everything you shoot (or a large percentage of your subject choice) is immobile.

    i agree with you in that sense.
    Though for most newbies (like me in the past, struggling at 200mm ) hand-shake is a major problem. VR greatly removes hand-shake from the 'junk photos' equation.

    sth TS should note

    P.s- VR does have the potential to give you sharp photo at 1/10s. Of course, stable hands come into the picture as well.

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    Talking Re: headach on choosing lens~

    hmmm... i guess most of u guys go for the 55-200mm VR. okie la! i will get that! will practice my telephoto skills with this lens first than hopefully will be able to handle a non VR lens in the future! can save more $$! thanks all for their input!!
    yeah. i'm still a noob..

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