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Thread: Pulau Ubin

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    Talking Pulau Ubin

    Will be heading there next coming weekend for cycling and shoots.

    Would like to know the following:
    1. What is a good time/day to go?
    2. What is a good time to catch the ferry?
    3. How long do you usually spend there?

    Appreciate if you have more tips to share

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    in my personal opinion, it is better to walk, easier to capture images without them whizzing past you.

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    Cycle only if you are going to cover many parts on the island.
    I go there about 10-12 times each year most of the time is on bike. Cuz if you walk u get tired and believe me u will not like the feeling.

    Weekend is a bad time as the island will be crowded, but plus point is u can have a faster time boarding the ferry. (Boat man will only start boat when there are 12 people, if u bring bike there the bike is considered as one person).

    Brought 2 people there last wed and covered the 60% of the island on bike within 5 hours.

    U can try going to Chek Jawa during low tide and the nearby English cottage (EC) (just turn right at the Y-junction for EC and left for Chek Jawa.) Excellent photo shooting site.

    If you are lucky u might bum into a wild pig, but beware cuz that pig bite (proof: Need more info can PM me, I will be glad to help

    OH yah, go there early about 10am (can makan breakfast at Changi Village but will be bery crowded during weekend) and can leave at about 6pm or even earlier at 4pm if u are familar with the island like me HEHE.
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    Originally posted by tangoninazero
    If you are lucky u might bum into a wild pig, but beware cuz that pig bite (proof:

    Aye bro u go disturb izzit? hahaha

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    Would like to go during off peak but gotta work.

    Given the choice between sat and sun which is better? earlier the better too ... before everyone wakes up? Early ferry no prob right?

    Oooo that's a pretty mean bite ... I don't want to see the pig

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    Check out Andy Ho's pictures at Ubin. Great stuff:

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    Originally posted by ST1100
    Check out Andy Ho's pictures at Ubin. Great stuff:


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