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    I just went over for cruise last weekend. Brought my system along. The room is usually cold due to the air-conditioner. In the morning, when I take out my cam for photo taking, there are water vapours formed on the lens itself. I wonder if any bros encounter this? How do you remove this? Will there be any implications for the lens? Such as fungus formation etc?

    Btw, I currently do not own a dry cabinet. Is it a must? What is the cost of it? Any cheap + reliable to recommend?


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    This is normal, and is called condenstation. Should be gone after about 10 minutes,once the glass elements in the lens are warm enough.

    Yes, if you live in SG, a dry cabinet or at least a dry box are a must. As for what to recommend, try searching the dozens of threads we already have on dry cabinets.

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    pretty amazing that lens manufacturers don't apply anti-fogging agents on their coatings

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    But will the condensation on the lens be a factor towards fungus formation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholasoh View Post

    But will the condensation on the lens be a factor towards fungus formation?
    should nt, since it will dry up in minutes when exposed to normal temperture.
    and since u r in SG a dry cabi/box is a must for lens. therefore whatever moist in it will be dried up.

    it would take more than a day to have fungus growing.

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    well not really, i believe most photographers get it alot, just make sure you take care of your equipment and put it into a dry box if you're not using it for awhile. If you want , you can put on a UV filter . that way the condensation is usually on the filter while lens stays dry

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    if u are staying in a very cold room..just make sure yr equipment is not exposed to the full blast.

    for eg. keep it in the cupboards or safe where it is generally warmer or under the blanket next to you when u sleep, if need be.

    this will allow u to start to shoot the moment u wake up. esp if u are late for the sunrise


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