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Thread: Rechargeable batt for your flash

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    I believe most of the above posts have already stated the goods of the Sanyo eneloop batt.

    Another point you might want to take note is that the shielding of the batt is different from those normal recharge batt where if you compare GP and Sanyo eneloop batt the sanyo is really build for long duration of wear and tear but the GP does not. Althought both batts are rechargeable.

    I have used many GP batts and notice that prolong usage of GP batts sometimes procedure kind of oily thingy on the connect point. SO quite dangerous.

    Sanyo eneloop batt and energizer i will recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ditikolon View Post
    Do GPs have higher capacity as compared to the Eneloops? I'm thinking of switching to rechargeables. I shoot quite a bit of work so I have access to a lot of alkalines, but after a while the charging time becomes a nightmare... sadly they are not Energizer e2s, just plain old Panasonic alkalines.

    How much can I expect to pay for one set of 4 eneloops with the quick charger?
    For now GPs holds the top spot for higher capacity if u r comparing with sanyo eneloop.

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    No matter if you're using rechargable cells like Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, or Lithium Polymer if you really understand their characteristic, then there should be no worries. Cheers.

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