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Thread: Teach me plz...

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    Default Teach me plz...

    hi all...
    I just using D80...
    hope u all can help went im askin like fool...

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    Default Re: Teach me plz...

    What do you want to know?

    Maybe you can get used to the cam's functions and read up a bit on the web or borrow some books from the library.
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    i suppose 1 of the best materials to start with would be ur camera's manual.

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    Yea, reading the manual would help you familiarise with your equipment.
    Doesn't take more than 30mins to get it done

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    Default Re: Teach me plz...

    I would suggest like others, read the manual and things like aperture, shutter and other stuffs.
    Clubsnap has lotsa help. I read and gained alot from this site.


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