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Thread: upcoming comex 2003

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    Default upcoming comex 2003

    just to ask, i'm aiming the canon A70, coz its cheap, has good functionallity, uses typical battery, and uses cheap memory, and has a great TC to go with (canon original)

    Anyway, what i wish to ask is, does the price actually drop to a fantastic price enough to make me wait 2 months? from previous experience ( i dun have any) would you guys tell me if its worth the wait? if its like +- $20, i might as well get it now.

    i am also actually looking at the nikon 4300. but the weird battery costs 29 bucks, and its gonna cost me near 100 bucks to get 3 standby. but other than that, can consider.

    yep! basically, would it be worth the wait? you guys expect big price cuts? And erm, any new cams from canon expected? i usually expect camera price to dip when new stuff appear.

    thanks yeah guys.

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    usually there aren't any big price cuts but there are 'better deals' with freebies you don't usually get outside the exhibition. Then again, the freebies usually don't add up to the price difference you're paying over outside retail prices.

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    At exhibitions, the products are usually selling at the recommended retail prices with freebies thrown in to sweeten the deal. Whether or not the freebies are useful or worth it depends on the items offered and the individual.

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    If you're not in a hurry, i would suggest you wait till comex. Cos the free gifts are worth it IMO

    I got 7 free gifts at the ITShow where i bought my V3 this year March. Overall think that they're worth more than the 'extra' price i paid


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