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    This is first time that I "seriously" played with the curves tool in GIMP. I also added a vignette. The goal is have a old and dark contrast feeling. May be you can tell how do you find the post processing.

    As for the composition, I tried several angles. This was the best that I could get. Do you think lines leading out to somewhere is bad? Eventually, my focus is the round round thing (I am not sure what is it called) and the yellow lines.

    Any other construction comments are also welcome. Thank you

    APAD 080808: Road to Somewhere
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    I think the composition wise, it is quite hard for me to see where the double yellow lines are going although I can clearly see the road. Secondly I don't know if it is me, but I think the photo is a little slanted to the left. And the cirle thing is call a manhole.

    It would work better for me if you cropped away the steps and the walls at the top, leaving only the road. Leaving the curb as well of course.

    Just my two cents worth.

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    I'm fine with the post-processing results, but the lines aren't strong enough.. the manhole cover (thats what its called) is abit too attention grabbing to allow the viwer's eyes to catch on to the leading lines away from it..

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    lines ok, manhole cover OK, maybe too tight, BUT the lines lead to nothing: insignificant and nondescript, even emptiness is better ...

    question for you: what did you see before you shoot? what did you try to capture? what did you try to CREATE with post processing?

    processing cannot make something that's not there, unless u do something more drastic than merely using curves, for example to replace the far end with something more significant altogether and to put graduated blur over it ...

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    Thanks for all the comments, especially espion's.

    I think the one of the main problem lies in the Title. May be it should be called "The Old Manhole".

    I was attracted to take the photo because of the manhole was old and yellow lines helped to add to the impact. I think cropping away the top part is a good idea, but I am not sure if it would lose its balance... hmmm

    Yes, ahwei, you are right! I think the photo is a little slanted to the left.

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    I agree with espion that the composition is a little bit tight. I personally would prefer to see the whole circle.

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    other than what has been mentioned, leading lines should lead *into* the photograph, they are a compositional tool to add depth.

    just putting a line into a photo doesn't make it automatically a leading line. here, the line leads the eyes of the viewer from bottom.. to top.. and out. which defeats the purpose pretty much. if anything, a higher perspective would improve this significantly, along with more careful framing to take note of the elements and how they interact with each other.


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