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    hey guys. im wondering where i can get 120mm film and how much would it cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asohk89 View Post
    hey guys. im wondering where i can get 120mm film and how much would it cost?
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    I just bought Kodka Ektachrome 100 for 5 bucks a roll.

    You can also look up chiif if you want to buy Lucky brand of films
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    thanks alot.

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    What about 120mm slide film! I'm having great difficulty finding astia in 120mm.

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    Astia is not brought in anymore unless you do a bulk order with Cathay for about 100 rolls. I thought about doing that, in the end I bought online and got them shipped in..

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    kinda new here.... may i know who shld i refer to for the lucky 120 film?????? who is chiif??? and would like to know the price too...

    Sorry to ask, meaning to say local average price for 120 film is ard 4-6 dollar depending on the brand and the negatives right??? And where to develop those film in sg?? thanks
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    I was thinking Astia was one of the more popular ones.. and they don't make Sensia in 120mm. Oh well.. off to ebay.

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    mckenzy got it! thanks!

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    no worries.. careful ah... chiif's site quite contagious...


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