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Thread: Let There Be Light by Mahesh Nair

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    Default Let There Be Light by Mahesh Nair

    Let There Be Light
    [COLOR="rgb(85, 107, 47)"]By Mahesh Nair[/COLOR]
    4th till 21st August


    About the exhibition

    The exhibition “…let there be light” explores the beauty of nature as captured through the lens of Mahesh Nair. Light, unquestionably, is the most critical component in most art forms, including photography. It is also an essential part of life itself! By using light to dramatize and highlight the beauty of nature, these photographs paint a unique picture of the natural world around us.

    Public Talk on Nature Photography by Mahesh Nair
    8th August, 7pm at 2902 Gallery

    For more information, please call 6339 8655.

    About Mahesh Nair

    After spending two stimulating decades in the corporate world, Mahesh switched tracks completely in 2005 to pursue his passion for nature and wildlife photography. Through his photographs, Mahesh tries to capture the very essence of life on this planet. He hopes that this will rekindle in everyone the urge to reach out and experience the beautiful world and remind them that we are nothing but custodians to preserve it for our future generations. He is also actively involved in the conservation of nature and works closely with organizations like WWF and is also a WWF photographer.

    Supported by WWF
    Part of the proceeds go to WWF

    Date: 4 – 21 August 2008

    Venue: 2902 Gallery, Old School, 11b Mount Sophia, #B2-09

    Time: 11am - 8pm (Tuesday – Saturday) and 1pm – 6pm (Sunday)

    Enquiries: Call 6339 8655, email or visit

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    Default Re: Let There Be Light by Mahesh Nair

    Arghhh.... missed the talk by just 2 hrs!
    Saw this too late...
    The best photographer is one who is inspired by the innate nature of his subjects.


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